Have you ever wondered what life on earth would be like if there was no moon? How would we regulate our cycles or plan feast days or understand the ocean’s shifting moods? Who would dogs howl to and under what light source might lovers kiss? And what about music, from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata to Elvis Presley’s Blue Moon to Benny Goodman’s Moonglow?

The spark for my song came from something my dad said: the Sun is Einstein’s but the Moon is Newton’s. I found this poetic but opaque, so I did some research, which spawned lyrics. For a full lunar cycle, I carried my song with me on my travels, letting it out to test its latest incarnation. And then one day, in my basement, the rock and roll chorus came to me, a gift from the muse.

Hats off to the mysterious moon!

Art is ephemeral; so add to the pot...

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